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Sunday, 6 June 2010

WALKMAN® MP3 - X Series

16GB X Series Video MP3 WALKMAN (Black)

Sony brings ultimate sound and video quality all into one Walkman® Video MP3 Player - NWZ-X1000 series, which is equipped with Sony's latest Digital Clear Audio Technologies like S-master Digital Amplifier / Digital Noise Cancelling Function, 3 inch OLED touch display and Wi-Fi connectivity.

• 16GB capacity
• Digital clear audio technologies (S-master Digital Amplifier,Digital Noise Cancelling etc.)
• 3 inch OLED color display with touch panel / button operation
• Wi-Fi connectivity for YouTube™ streaming, Podcast, Web Browsing
• Up to 33hrs of battery life

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alienware M17x

Lunar Silver
Cosmic Black
Nebula Red
Gaming Laptop

  • Alienware M17x
  • Retail Price :RM6,999 > RM8,999
  • Windows 7 (Home Premium > Ultimate)
  • Memory RAM: 4GB > 6GB
  • Hard Drive : 320GB > 1 Terabytes
  • 17.0" Display (1440 x 900) > (1920 x 1200)
  • Video card: Single 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M
: ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5
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Acer Aspire TimelineX 4820 T

Building on the achievements of the previous generation of Timeline laptops, Acer created the Aspire TimelineX series in the pursuit of the extreme: extreme performance, extreme battery life, extreme connectivity and extremely thin designs. With the new Aspire TimelineX series there is no need of making compromises: you can have it all.

The original Aspire Timeline series was the first to break the 8-hour battery life barrier and the Aspire TimelineX matches that and adds extreme power straight out of the box.

  • Extreme battery life
  • Charging up once with a TimelineX Series notebook frees you to work and play from morning till night, having an extreme battery life of up to 12 hours!1,2 You can multitask with intense applications and enjoy brilliant HD multimedia longer than ever before. Acer PowerSmart technology automatically adjusts settings to maximize performance when you need it and prolong your battery life.

  • Extremely thin and light
  • The 14" TimelineX 4820 is ideal for home- school- and office-based users on the move all day with demanding PC needs. Less than 1" thin, this notebook is easy to carry, maneuver and store while you're on the go, yet still features full-size notebook usability with an easy-to-read display, numeric keypad and optical drive.

  • Extreme performance
  • The power of next-generation Intel® Core™ i7, i5 or i3 processor technology speeds up multitasking performance so you can work faster and have more fun, with less waiting. Improved responsiveness and efficient performance are a given with DDR3 memory, which delivers twice the speed of DDR2. A large-capacity hard disk drive provides generous storage for work and multimedia files.

  • HD multimedia enjoyment
  • A number of exceptional high-definition graphics options enhance Internet video, movies and pictures, so they look fantastic on the 16:9 HD display. On top of that, you get the thrilling sound of Dolby® Home Theater® v3 for a complete multimedia experience. If you want to take entertainment to the big-screen, an HDMI™ port connects handily with HD peripheral displays.

  • Omnipresent connectivity
  • The latest communication technologies keep you in touch at all times. Optional 3G capability tunes you in to mobile Internet from the furthest reaches, while a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ network connection gets you online at wireless hotspots. You'll be well-connected, and with the Acer Crystal Eye webcam with 1280 x 1024 resolution and built-in microphone you can engage in high-definition video chats.
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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Nokia C6


  • Get easy access to your email accounts including Hotmail, Gmail™, Yahoo!® Mail and Windows Live™.
  • Stay in touch with friends and family through Ovi Mail – your free email account from Nokia.
  • Write a message quickly and easily using the full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Say more with a picture – get your message across clearly by sending a multimedia message

Home screen

  • Personalise your home screen with widgets that bring live updates from Facebook and other social networks.
  • Add contact shortcuts to your home screen – bringing you closer to your friends.
  • Stay in control of your email, calendar and music with dedicated widgets for your home screen.
  • Make your home screen your own by changing the background, theme and icons

Ovi services

  • Visit Ovi Store and choose from a wide selection of great apps, games, wallpapers and themes.
  • Keep on top of your emails from your phone or computer using the free Ovi Mail service – including 1 GB of storage for your messages.
  • View detailed maps, check the weather and plan the perfect route with the Ovi Maps online service.
  • See where your friends are and what they are up to with Ovi Contacts.
  • Download tracks from the world’s leading artists with quick access to Ovi Music Store from your home screen


  • Get turn-by-turn voice instructions and detailed city guides as part of your free lifetime navigation licence.
  • Discover nearby restaurants, landmarks, events and other points of interest as you travel from place to place with Ovi Maps.
  • Make it easier for friends to find you – share your current location and meet up with people who are close by.
  • Find your position quickly and easily with the integrated A-GPS receiver


  • Browse the web quickly through a fast and reliable 3G network – or connect to a nearby Wi-Fi hot spot.
  • View web pages the way they should be seen on the wide 3.2" touch screen.
  • Access your favourite websites and social networks directly from the customisable home screen.
  • Watch YouTube™ videos right in the browser – no need to launch a separate player


  • Touch the highly responsive display to scroll smoothly through web pages, maps, photos and menus.
  • Personalise your home screen with your favourite widgets, website bookmarks and contact shortcuts.
  • Slide open the full QWERTY keyboard and type your messages quickly and comfortably.
  • Use your Nokia C6 with confidence straight out of the box – the user-friendly interface helps make everyday communication even easier.

Photos and video

  • Capture quality images and video clips with the 5 megapixel digital camera.
  • Take great photos night or day with the dual LED flash.
  • Frame your images to suit any situation by switching between portrait and landscape mode.
  • Keep your pictures and videos on your phone or store even more with up to 16 GB of expandable memory.
  • Upload photos and video clips straight to your social networks or favourite sharing services


  • Find music to match your mood – with the music player your favourite tracks are always with you.
  • Rip CDs onto your compatible computer and create playlists for your tracks using Nokia Ovi Player.
  • Keep your favourite songs at your fingertips with the music widget – a mini application that sits directly on your home screen.
  • Discover new tracks at Ovi Music Store and then simply download them directly to your phone.


  • Enjoy high-quality gaming on your phone and stay in control with the touch-based interface.
  • Find everything from card games to strategy games at Ovi Store – then simply download your favourites.

  • Size: 113.4 x 53 x 16.8 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 150 g
  • Volume: 80 cc
  • Additional size and shape information
  • Sliding touch-screen display
Product dimensions
Display and user interface
  • Screen size: 3.2"
  • Resolution: 640 x 360 (nHD)
  • Up to 16.7 million colours
  • Resistive touch screen
  • Brightness control
  • Orientation sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Ambient light detector
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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Pemain MP3 kalis air

MEMILIKI pemain muzik digital atau MP3 adalah suatu keperluan masa kini sama ada ia merupakan pemain MP3 tunggal atau yang terdapat di dalam telefon bimbit multimedia.

Bagaimanapun seperti biasa, kebanyakan pemain MP3 di pasaran tidak cukup lasak untuk membolehkan anda menggunakannya dalam sebarang cuaca terutama ketika anda ditimpa hujan atau sedang berenang!

Sehubungan itu, terdapat beberapa syarikat telah memperkenalkan pemain MP3 kalis air atau sarung untuk membungkus telefon atau pemain MP3 itu.

Sony misalnya memperkenalkan Sony Waterproof Walkman W250 yang boleh tahan siraman hujan atau percikan air tetapi produk itu tidaklah sampai boleh dibawa untuk menyelam.

Pemain muzik digital ini sememangnya sesuai untuk mereka yang sering beriadah di luar seperti jogging, menyertai maraton, memanjat bukit dan sebagainya yang sudah tentu mereka sentiasa terdedah kepada perubahan cuaca panas dan hujan, termasuk percikan peluh.

Apa yang menarik mengenai Walkman ini ialah satu ciri dikenali sebagai Smart Mood yang mana lagu-lagu yang dimainkan dalam rentak yang sama untuk meneruskan mood pengguna.

Sememangnya, pemain MP3 ini sangat sesuai untuk kaki sukan yang sering berlatih di gimnasium, padang atau berjogging kerana anda boleh melekatkannya di telinga dan kemudian melakukan apa sahaja aktiviti dengan bebas.

Seperti kebanyakan pemain MP3 lain, Walkman W250 juga boleh memainkan pelbagai format muzik digital seperti MP3, WMA, AAC dan sebagainya.

Selepas dicaj selama tiga minit (caj cepat), pemain MP3 ini boleh memainkan muzik tanpa henti selama tiga jam! Menarik bukan?

Walkman W250 mempunyai empat warna untuk dipilih seperti hitam, hijau, merah jambu dan putih. Produk yang akan dilancarkan bulan depan ini juga menawarkan dua pilihan versi iaitu sama ada dengan storan 2 Gigabait (GB) atau 4GB.

Menyelam bersama iPod

Bagi kaki selam dan pemilik pemain multimedia iPod nano, tentu gembira apabila mengetahui sebenarnya mereka boleh menyelam sambil memainkan muzik atau merakam video ketika menyelam bersama gajet tersebut.

Sarung dikenali sebagai H2O Audio Capture Waterproof Case itu direka untuk membolehkan iPod nano dengan Video (generasi kelima) dibawa menyelam ke dalam air sehingga kedalaman 3.6 meter.

Menggunakan fon telinga H2O (yang dijual berasingan), anda tentu seronok apabila berada di dalam air kerana diiringi muzik kegemaran dan juga boleh mengambil video pemandangan indah di dasar laut.

Penggunaan bahan polikarbonat tahan lasak juga membolehkan iPod anda dilindungi ketika jatuh atau calar. Ia juga mempunyai klip pengikat lengan untuk memboleh-

kannya dipasang di lengan, dimasukkan ke dalam beg sandang atau diklipkan di basikal.

Produk ini dijual dengan harga AS$80 (RM256) di laman web www.h2o



Syarikat yang sama juga memperkenalkan sarung atau bekas pelindung kalis air untuk telefon bimbit, iPhone, iPod touch atau pemain MP3 bersaiz besar.

Sarung dikenali sebagai Amphibx Waterproof Armband dari H2O ini bersaiz 100 mm tinggi, 60 mm lebar dan 18 mm dalam.

Seperti juga sarung iPod nano tadi, anda boleh mendengar muzik atau merakam video ketika sedang menyelam sedalam 3.6 meter apabila menggunakan sarung ini.

Pemain MP3 terapung

Jika kita mengetahui Speedo sebagai pengeluar baju sukan renang paling popular di dunia, syarikat itu juga sebenarnya mempunyai pemain MP3 kalis air untuk mereka yang suka menjalankan sukan air sambil mendengar muzik.

Produk dikenali sebagai Aquabeat itu dikeluarkan oleh Iriver dengan mempunyai storan 1GB, memainkan muzik sembilan jam untuk sekali caj, mempunyai tiga warna dan berat 35 gram.

Pemain MP3 ini dan fon telinganya boleh dibawa menyelam sehingga tiga meter dan ia boleh terapung di dalam air untuk memudahkan anda mencari jika terjatuh.

Produk ini dijual dengan harga AS$145 (RM464) dan maklumat lanjut mengenainya boleh diperoleh di laman web


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